Superconquerors in All of Life’s Situations

Editor’s Note: As we grow in our understanding of the spiritual competition of life, which is laid out in the Word of God, we can be reminded that we are superconquerors in all of life’s situations. Enjoy this article “from the vault,” originally published in April of 2018, which details devices our adversary uses against… Continue Reading

Gottgefällige Kommunikation verhilft zu einem friedlichen Zuhause

Unsere Beziehungen in unserem Zuhause werden gedeihen, wenn wir anständig und gottgefällig miteinander kommunizieren. Ich habe das erlebt, als ich ein Haus mit einigen Gläubigen teilte, die alle in Frühschicht in einem nahen gelegenen Geschäft arbeiteten. Aufgrund ihres Zeitplans frühstückten sie vor der Arbeit und ließen dann das Geschirr in der Spüle stehen mit der… Continue Reading

Spiritual Athletes for God

Did you ever play a sport as a kid? Perhaps you just enjoy watching sports. I particularly enjoy watching the sport of figure skating. Whether skating alone or with a partner, figure skaters display incredible athleticism and precision in their movements. They discipline their minds and strengthen and train their bodies to glide smoothly across… Continue Reading

Free to Serve in Love

God has given believers in the Grace Administration a very important command. We are told to stand fast in liberty. Galatians 5:1:Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. The yoke of bondage refers to the Old Testament law. As is… Continue Reading

The Grace of God

As God’s children, we have received an abundance of blessings from Him. One of the most fundamental blessings we gain when we become children of God is salvation. Although we know this monumental blessing is ours to claim, at times it may feel too good to be true. There must be something more we should… Continue Reading

Ein Leben in Freude: Unseren Körper in Stand halten

Es ist Gottes leidenschaftlicher Wunsch und Sein gewollter Plan, dass Seine Kinder jeden Tag ein Leben in Freude führen (Psalm 118:24). Das deutsche Wort „Freude“ kann definiert werden als „ein sehr frohes Gefühl; Glück; großes Vergnügen; Entzücken.“ Hört sich das nicht nach etwas an, das Sie gerne hätten? Gott hat Seine Kinder ganz bewusst geistlich… Continue Reading

God’s Word Communicated Throughout the Ages

In most of the world today, it is very easy to find God’s Word, which is where we find His will. Bibles are plentiful and produced in many different languages and formats. But what did people do to find God’s will before the Word was written down? The answers are found in the Bible itself.… Continue Reading

What Are Biblical Administrations?

I once read a letter that was addressed to my mother. As I read the letter, I gained a lot of information but could not act on it all. Why could I not act on it? Because the letter was not addressed to me. Could I learn from it? Certainly. But since it was not… Continue Reading

Peter and Cornelius

On the day of Pentecost, God made available the gift of holy spirit for all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. This truth, however, was not fully understood in a practical sense until almost fifteen years later, when God sent Peter to the house of a devout Gentile, Cornelius. As we consider the record… Continue Reading

Paul: The Power to Change

Can a person really change for the better? This question is asked so often, it is almost cliché. What is God’s viewpoint on this question? Can a person really change? The Book of Acts gives an account of a person changing drastically for the better. At one point in his life, Saul (later referred to… Continue Reading

Preaching Christ

Because of his accomplishments, we can preach Christ today and manifest the distinctive power in his name in the Grace Administration. We preach the blessings of the glorified Christ and our completeness in him as born-again sons of God. This is our lifestyle of illustrating what God has done in Christ. There are differences between… Continue Reading

What Does Pentecost Mean to Us Today?

The first Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus Christ was many, many years ago; but on that day something happened that still affects us today. Because of what God accomplished through Christ, a new period of time in God’s historical and spiritual timetable arrived—the Grace Administration. On that day, God poured out His gift of… Continue Reading

The Book of Acts: Our Blueprint for Today

Have you ever tried to accomplish something without any instruction? Sure, we can muddle through with trial and error and maybe make a little progress. But isn’t it always helpful to have direction and an example of how to do something, enabling us to streamline our efforts and see profitable results? Well, God gave us… Continue Reading

The Fruit of the Spirit

Imagine the most vibrantly red, juicy, incredibly flavorful tomato you have ever eaten. Maybe you ate it all by itself because it was that good. I know I’ve done this. The best tomatoes (and fruit in general) are produced when the plant has the rich soil, vital nutrients, and attentive care it needs for proper… Continue Reading

Operating the Gift of Holy Spirit

Who doesn’t want the power to make things happen? As born-again believers, we have been filled with the gift of holy spirit (Acts 2:38), power from on high (Luke 24:49). We have power for abundant living. To see this power in manifestation, we must operate the gift God has given us. But how does it… Continue Reading

The Manifestations of Holy Spirit

When the Apostle Paul traveled to Ephesus in Acts 19, he met born-again disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. And he asked them a question: “Have ye received [lambanō, received into manifestation] the Holy Ghost [gift of holy spirit] since ye believed?” But they answered, “We have not so much as heard whether there be… Continue Reading

Gott will, dass wir frei sind

Es ist Gottes absoluter Wille, dass wir von jedem Gefängnis, das uns gefangen hält oder jeder Fessel, die uns bindet, befreit werden. Gefängnisse sind nicht nur aus stählernen Gittern gemacht. Oft haben wir auch geistige Gefängnisse, aus denen wir befreit werden müssen. Wie können wir uns befreien und Gottes Willen für unser Leben erkennen? Gottes… Continue Reading

Who Is Qualified to Receive Holy Spirit?

When I was a teenager, I looked forward to the day I would receive my driver’s license so I could start driving. I longed for the freedom and power having a driver’s license would give me. But not so fast…I would have to be qualified first! I would need to take a driver’s training course,… Continue Reading

Approfondir notre connaissance de la Parole de Dieu

Partout dans la Bible, Dieu a montré que lorsque Ses enfants apprennent et croient Sa Parole, ils reçoivent de grands bienfaits. Par exemple, en lisant le Livre des Actes, qui contient les récits des croyants du premier siècle en action, nous voyons qu’ils avaient une grande confiance en Dieu. Comme résultat, de nombreux disciples ont… Continue Reading

Fortalezcamos nuestro conocimiento de la Palabra de Dios

A lo largo de toda la Biblia, Dios ha mostrado la abundancia de beneficios que Sus hijos reciben cuando ellos aprenden y creen Su Palabra. Por ejemplo, cuando leemos el Libro de Hechos, el cual muestra a los creyentes de la Iglesia del primer siglo en acción, vemos que fue la gran confianza en Dios… Continue Reading

Giving Our All in the Body of Christ

Every born-again believer in the Body of Christ has the same measure of the faith of Jesus Christ and is therefore equipped to contribute in this Body. No matter our function, we can make a positive difference as we give and serve with our whole hearts. Romans 12 tells us that all born-again believers have… Continue Reading

The Ministries of Helps and Governments

God needs men, women, and young people who are willing to help and guide others into living the more abundant life. Two necessary functions in moving God’s Word over the world are the ministries of helps and governments. These functions are part of God’s plan for ministering in the Church Age, the Grace Administration. Helps… Continue Reading

An Overview of the Gift Ministries

God’s infinite and merciful loving-kindness is clearly seen in the structure and His beautiful design of the Body of Christ, the born-again believers, in the Age of Grace. We have benefits individually as a result of the new birth, and also benefits proceeding from our loving God working in the hearts of men and women… Continue Reading

Rendons gloire à Dieu

À Dieu soit la gloire, que toute la terre chante en son honneur ! Rendre gloire à Dieu est un choix centré sur la Parole, au lieu de nous glorifier nous-même. Lorsque nous choisissons de rendre gloire à Dieu, nous pouvons marcher dans l’amour de Dieu qui ne périt jamais. L’amour de Dieu ne se vante… Continue Reading

A Dios demos gloria

¡A Dios demos gloria, pues grande es Él! Darle la gloria a Dios, en vez de dárnosla a nosotros mismos, es una opción basada en Su Palabra. Cuando decidimos darle la gloria a Dios, entonces podemos andar en ese amor de Dios que nunca deja de ser. El amor de Dios no es jactancioso. Para… Continue Reading

The Purpose of the Gift Ministries

When a person becomes born again, he or she receives from God the gift of holy spirit. That person also becomes a member of the Body of Christ. In the Body of Christ, there are seasoned believers who can help others grow. Some are ministers operating the gift ministries that help the believers in their… Continue Reading

Manifest God’s Power: Prayer and Speaking the Word

God is a God of great power. He has given His people the ability to show forth His abundant power by praying and speaking His Word. Throughout time, God’s magnificent power has been in manifestation. One way God has made it available to manifest His power is by praying. Mark 11:24:Therefore I say unto you,… Continue Reading

Manifest God’s Power: Holy Spirit and Believing

While in graduate school, I took our ministry’s Foundational Class and learned from God’s Word that when I got born again, I received God’s gift of holy spirit power, which I could manifest in my life. One way to manifest that power is by speaking in tongues. I started to speak in tongues in my… Continue Reading

The One True God

On The Way International’s website is a beautiful, clear statement of our beliefs, and one of those statements says, “We believe in one God, the Creator of the heavens and earth; in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son, our lord and savior, whom God raised from the dead; and we believe in the workings of… Continue Reading

Recognizing and Claiming God’s Promises

Have you ever had to face a situation that was intimidating or overwhelming, but your big brother or best friend showed up, gave you that knowing look, and said, “I’ve got your back”? When that happens, your confidence level rises, and you are ready to take it on! God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens… Continue Reading

Our Souls Can Prosper!

Each person is so unique! God gave each of us soul life, and this is a fascinating aspect of our lives. It’s recorded in Genesis 2:7 that God “breathed into his [Adam’s] nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” Because we have soul life, we are able to think, to act,… Continue Reading

Positive Confessions for Victory!

I can think back on many occasions when, as a child, I spoke out loud the first thing that came to my mind. Time after time, my parents would graciously remind me of the importance of watching our confessions. We want the words we speak to reflect what God’s Word says about our situation—not what… Continue Reading

Being Faithful Stewards

Understanding Eastern manners and customs gives insight into the following verses and shows us another way that we can manifest God’s sufficiency in our lives—by being faithful stewards. Luke 16:9,10:And I say unto you, Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness; that, when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting habitations.He that… Continue Reading

Building Faithfulness: Our Prayer Life

Prayer is powerful. Being faithful and steadfast in prayer can get you to your goals in life in unimaginable ways. It is powerful because it puts you in direct communication with God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Building faithfulness in our prayer life helps us get powerful results. And our loving… Continue Reading

Building Faithfulness: Read and Study the Word

We can build faithfulness at reading and studying God’s Word on a daily basis. As we do this, it will enhance our relationship with our heavenly Father, and it will help us to be fully equipped to live abundantly in this life. God makes it very clear to us that reading and studying His Word… Continue Reading

Overcoming Offences by Keeping God First

It is God’s heart that we live free from any obstruction that can thwart our spiritual growth. Our adversary, the Devil, would like for us to take our eyes off God’s promises and stumble in our growth. He does not want us to be free mentally to enjoy learning and growing in God’s Word. One… Continue Reading

The Importance of Meekness

Have you ever received instruction and thought, “I already knew this. Why are they telling me this? Do they think I don’t know?” Or, maybe you have received some constructive criticism and thought, “Well, I don’t know why they are telling me this when they don’t even understand the situation.” It is not uncommon to… Continue Reading

Love One Another

For the first twenty years of my life, I did not know that God loved me. But when I was taught God’s rightly divided Word, accepted Jesus Christ as lord, and believed that God raised him from the dead (Romans 10:9,10), something miraculous happened. God so loved me that, at the moment I believed, He… Continue Reading

Comforted and Encouraged Together

One winter, our two preschoolers had the flu. After being up several nights, I began to get weary and discouraged, wondering if I was doing the right things as a mom, and when their deliverance would come. On the fourth morning, our four-year-old’s fever broke. He came into the living room, sat next to me,… Continue Reading

God’s High Calling

Last November at The Way International Headquarters, I ran in a 5K event with many other enthusiastic Christian believers and our guests. During the run, I thought of these Bible verses where Paul describes pressing toward, or pursuing, the finish line for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:13,14:Brethren,… Continue Reading

We Are Complete in Christ!

To utilize the power of God, to live the more abundant life Jesus Christ made available, we must confess and act on God’s Word. This includes believing the truth that we are complete in Christ. Since God has made each born-again believer complete in Christ, then we are complete—we don’t let anyone talk us out… Continue Reading

United and Moving the Word: Philippians

Four. This is the number of people that made up the team that first took the good news of the Grace Administration to European soil. An amount of people that could fit in a standard four-door vehicle won entire households to the Word in the Roman colony of Philippi. While the team was few in… Continue Reading

United and Victorious: Jonathan and His Armor-Bearer

Whenever and wherever believers are like-minded on the Word and will devote serious effort together to accomplish God’s will, God will do mighty things to bring that believing effort to a victorious result. I Samuel 14 provides an account of how two men stood together unified and, as a result, brought victory over their adversary,… Continue Reading

Families Serving Together

All of us, at varying points in our lives, have had to learn something that was new and possibly completely foreign to us. This can include subjects in school, professional skills and hobbies, and God’s Word. As convenient as it would be, we weren’t able to simply download the knowledge into our brains and immediately… Continue Reading

Looking on the Things of Others

“Something is wrong. You are not your usual lighthearted self. Is there anything I can help you with?” When my friend spoke these words to me, my heart was comforted. Although I was struggling with a difficult situation, I had been trying to stay positive and put on a happy face. But my friend noticed… Continue Reading

Empowered to Live the Mystery

On the day of Pentecost, because of what God accomplished by His Son, Jesus Christ, people could, for the first time, become born again of God’s spirit, empowered to live the riches of the glory of the Mystery. The great mystery is that both Judean and Gentile believers were now fellow heirs and of the… Continue Reading

You Are Important in the Body of Christ!

Everyone knows that your hand is important—a vital part of your physical body. Did you know that every part of your body is important? Even the littlest toe on your foot has a vital function to perform! The purpose of the little toe is to provide balance and propulsion. Of course, the little toe does… Continue Reading

Guided into “All Truth”

God has lovingly provided for us all the truth we need to know for our Christian walk and for living His Word together in this Grace Administration in which we live. It began with the promise Jesus Christ made to his disciples shortly before his arrest and crucifixion. John 16:12,13:I have yet many things to… Continue Reading

What Is the Great Mystery?

If you knew a secret that would change the entire world forever, would you be able to keep it to yourself? God did—for many, many years. Hidden deep in His heart was a secret so powerful that it would change the course of history forever. God had kept this secret, this mystery, since the world… Continue Reading

Speaking the Word Boldly

If you read throughout the Book of Acts, you can easily see that the first-century believers boldly spoke the Word of God. Be sure to note Peter and the other apostles, the believers in Jerusalem, Stephen, Philip, Paul and Barnabas, later Paul with Silas and Timotheus, Apollos, Aquila and Priscilla—these all spoke God’s Word without… Continue Reading